The Roadtrips

Every year my husband and I try to celebrate our wedding anniversary by going on a road trip.  We've never had a lot of money, but that doesn't stop us from seeing and experiencing interesting things.

2008: Yellowstone 
This was the trip that started it all.  We bought our Jeep Cherokee in January and decided to take it on a road trip to Yellowstone for our anniversary in May. We spent 4 days driving around to see waterfalls, geysers, mud pots, and even the over-rated petrified tree.  Each night we slept in a tent at the Madison campground.   

2009: Southern California 
We took advantage of the fact that I wasn't pregnant and planned a trip to Magic Mountain to ride all the cool roller-coasters. Originally we were going to fly but we'd enjoyed our road trip to Yellowstone so much that we decided to drive. In addition to Magic Mountain we also enjoyed Las Vegas, Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory, camping on the beach near San Diego, the Calico Ghost town and so much more.

2010: Southern Utah 

By this time a road trip for our anniversary was pretty much a given. So we planned a crazy 9 day non stop adventure around Southern Utah. We saw 5 national parks, 7 state parks, and handful of national monuments.  We put exactly 1700 miles on the jeep. We hiked several trails including the Angels Landing trail in Zion's National Park. We slept in a tee-pee and a KOA Kabin in addition to camping in our tent.

Click here to read all about the Southern Utah Roadtrip.

2011: Northern Utah 
A full blown road trip was not in the cards for us this year. We had 6 month old twins girls and very little money. We opted for a stay-cation. We did lots of cool things in Northern Utah that we had never done together. From looking at caves in Wendover, to hiking Ensign Peak, to finding Spiral Jetty we found tons of things to do. We stayed most nights in our apartment, but we did camp for two nights.

2012: Colorado 
We went to Colorado to visit my sister and her family. We started out the trip with a weekend in Moab, Utah without the kids. Then we came home, picked up the kids, repacked the jeep, and drove to Colorado. Once there we enjoyed camping in Rocky Mountain National Park, walking around the Florissant Fossil Beds, driving to the top of Mount Evans, and exploring the Cave of the Winds.

2013: Texas 
This was the first year that my husband was in the Army. We'd just moved to Texas so we decided to do another stay-cation type vacation and see some things in our new state. We enjoyed many things in Houston, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas.  The kids especially enjoyed when we were all splashed by a whale at SeaWorld.

2014: Texas Coastline

This was one of the best road-trips we ever went on.  My husband didn't get vacation time until November and so we decided that we'd have the best luck with warm weather if we headed south to the Texas Coastline.  We started out on South Padre Island and worked our way north through Corpus Christi and Galveston to Houston.  We camped 5 nights out of six and only got rained on during the last night in our tent.  Our four kids age four and under had a great time playing on the many beaches that we visited during our trip. 

Read all about our Texas Coastline Roadtrip by clicking here.

2015 - Alabama
We moved to Alabama right around our anniversary, but we were too worn out from the move to worry about about  a road trip.  However, we did go on many little trips to areas in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.  I also took the kids on a crazy cross country road trip back to Utah for my brother's wedding, then to Yellowstone, and then to North Caroline, before heading home. 

2016 - The year of constant road-trips
The  big road trip for 2016 had to wait all the way until November when we moved from Alabama back to Utah.  But in the meantime we did more exploring in the states around Alabama as well as a "little trip" up to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

2017 - Yellowstone
We didn't go on a "road trip" in 2017.  Instead I received a job with Xanterra Parks and Resorts in Yellowstone National Park.  My husband and I moved into a 25 foot RV with our four children. We had the most amazing summer of our lives.  We spent every spare minute exploring the park.

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