Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Niagara Springs - Twin Falls, Idaho

Most of the canyon walls of the Snake River Canyon look the way you'd expect canyon walls to look; rocky edges tumbling down to the river bottoms with a large river flowing below.  But some parts of the canyon walls don't look like that at all. These parts of the canyon have water gushing out of the canyon wall. Niagara Springs is one of these places. Above the spring is a hill of lifeless rock. Below the spring is a lush green oasis made possible by the water that has made a nearly 100 mile journey through basalt.

Location: Niagara Springs is located on the north canyon wall of the Snake River Canyon. It is about a 25 mile drive west of Twin Falls.  It is 11 miles south of I-84 in Wendell. Niagara Springs is one of the units that make up Thousand Springs State Park.

Hiking Distance and Time: Niagara Springs is next to the road inside the canyon. The parking lot is located within steps of the springs.

Cost: Thousand Springs State Park has an entrance fee of $5, however, if you are just driving by the springs you do not need to pay the fee. The Niagara Springs Fish Hatchery is also near the springs and is free to visit.

Operating Seasons and Hours: The springs are available every day all year long.  Daylight hours are the best time to visit.  The Niagara Springs Fish Hatchery is open to visitors every day from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Official Websiteshttps://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/thousand-springs and https://idfg.idaho.gov/visit/hatchery/niagara-springs

Date of Visit: Saturday, May 5, 2018

Niagara Springs was third stop of the first day of the Idaho Road Trip my family went on in May of 2018. We left the Perrine Memorial Bridge and drove 20 miles northwest to Niagara Springs.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Perrine Memorial Bridge - Twin Falls, Idaho

Massive and impressive architecture isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you picture rural Idaho. However, the Perrine Memorial Bridge outside of Twin Falls is a stunning example of large scale engineering. The towering truss arch is especially interesting when you consider the surrounding communities have few buildings taller than 3 stories high.  The bridge is a vital connection for Twin Falls. It carries Highway 93 over the Snake River Canyon. It's also a great tourist destination. There are pedestrian walkways on the bridge as well as overlooks on the canyon edges on either side of the bridge. The sides of the bridge are popular locations for BASE jumping.

Location: The bridge is on the north side of Twin Falls on Highway 93.  It is 4 miles south of I-84

Hiking Distance and Time: Plan for about 10 minutes if all you want to do is get out of your car and take a quick look at the bridge.  However, you can make your visit last longer if you want to walk across the bridge or explore the canyon rim trail on the south side of the canyon.

Cost: Free to visit.  The Visitor Center on the South side of the bridge is also free.

Helpful Websites:  https://visitidaho.org/things-to-do/roadside-attractions/perrine-bridge/

Date of Visit: Saturday May 5, 2018

The Perrine Bridge was second stop of the first day of our Idaho Road Trip in May of 2018, We left Shoshone Falls Park and drove less than 5 miles into Twin Falls to find the bridge.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Shoshone Falls - Twin Falls, Idaho

For Americans, Niagara Falls is the ultimate waterfall.  Every waterfall in the country is compared to this icon. "The Niagara of the West" is found in Twin Falls, Idaho. This dramatic waterfall is actually higher than Niagara Falls by 45 feet.

Location: East of Twin Falls, Idaho. The falls are about 5 miles east of Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls

Cost: $3 per car. Season Passes are $25

Operating Seasons and Hours: Open all year. Fees are charged from March 1st to the end of September.  Peak flow on the waterfall can be seen from April to July.

Official Website: www.tfid.org/index.aspx

Date of Visit: Saturday, May 5, 2018

Shoshone Falls was first stop of the first day of our Idaho Road Trip in May of 2018, but we very well could have camped at City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo the night before, and then driven to Shoshone Falls in the morning.


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