Monday, June 12, 2017

Every Day is an Adventure - Living in Yellowstone Update #2

Gonna take a walk outside today 
Gonna see what we can find today. 
On a pretty little farm the sun comes up 
On a curious cat and a pug nose pup 
A brand new life outside the door. 
Follow your nose and go explore. 
Such a great big world that's all set up 
For a curious cat and a pug nose pup 
Friends to meet and places to be 
It's all new and fun to see.

That's the theme song to the movie Milo and Otis.  My kids sing it every day when they get in the car.  It pretty much sums up how the past two weeks have been for us.  Every day is an adventure when you are living in Yellowstone National Park. 

We are doing well.  I wish I could tell you all the details about every little thing that has happened in the last two weeks, but the WiFi is way too slow for that.  So here are 14 pictures that give you a glimpse into the past two weeks. 

Here are the kids looking at Gibbon Falls. 

 On days that I have work my husband takes our kids out on adventures in the morning.  That way they can go see things before the crowds of tourists arrive.  Although the most of the places that they've visited haven't been very full of tourists.  My husband has been taking the kids on day hikes.  They've been to places such as Ice Lake and the Little Gibbon Falls. One of the guide books that he bought says that Yellowstone is a completely different place once you get about 1/2 mile away from the main roads.  He's found that to be true.
 So far the kids seem pretty happy with their adventures.  One day the trail went over a rushing river so they all had to cross over on a log.  My husband pulled out some 550 cord that he always carries with him and strung it over the river so the kids could hold onto it.  Another day our oldest daughter stepped on a Garter Snake.  That was the first thing she told me when I walked in the door at the end of the day.
The kids LOVED the day they went hiking on a muddy trail.  They talked endlessly about how they all got stuck in the mud.
 After their morning adventures the kids and my husband come home and have lunch.  In the afternoon they do something we call "little school." My husband teaches they something about math, or science, or geography, or art. The twins are always really into what he is trying to teach them.  The younger two not so much.
Dinner is usually ready for all of us by the time I get home.  We'll eat together and then go on a quick hike.  Sometimes the twins just want to stay home and play so I'll take the younger two out for a hike.  One night we did the Red Rock trail down to an overlook of the Lower Yellowstone Falls.  It was a fun hike.

 One of my aunts told me about a beach behind the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center.  So after work one night we took the kids there.  They had so much fun playing in the sand.  We were there for over an hour.  When we got up to leave a lady nearby told us that we were awesome parents.
 The snow around our fire pit had finally melted so we had our first campfire that night.  The kids roasted hot dogs and made s'mores.  It was fun.
 At night we hang a blanket between the kids' sleeping area and our area.  It helps me feel like we are in a semi separate room.
 We went to check out the geysers in the Lower Geyser Basin last Sunday before our church service at Old Faithful.  My daughter brought her stuffed dog Hundley with her.  Everyone smiled and laughed when they saw her "walking her dog."
 After church we went to the Grand Prismatic Spring.  Here are the kids and my husband walking through the mist.
 Speaking of my husband, isn't he just gorgeous.  He is the reason this whole crazy plan is working.  I love this amazing man.
 On Monday we drove over 90 miles so we could go to the closest Walmart in Cody Wyoming.  We've never been to Cody so the drive was worth it from and adventure stand point.  The drive was beautiful.  We even saw two Grizzly Bears on our way to the East entrance of the park.
 On Friday the restaurant at Canyon Village reopened.  It's decorated with a Futuristic 1960's look. It's really cool and work checking out.
 And on Friday night we were graced with a SNOW STORM.  For the record this was June 9th.  I guess that's what happens when you live near 8000 feet above sea level.
Fortunately, we have a nice heater in the RV, and the snow didn't stick around that long anyway.  So we were able to get back to our adventures.

So that's us lately. Things are going well. We love this place.

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