Friday, August 21, 2015

New Beginning

My twins started Pre-K today.  I keep imagining one of the teachers asking one of my daughters what she did that summer.  My daughter might reply with something like, "We went to Texas, and then to Utah, and then to Yellowstone, and then to North Carolina!"  And I'm sure the teacher will think, "okay, one of those has got to be wrong."

But no, we really did go on a roadtrip from Alabama to Texas to Yellowstone, back to Utah, and then all the way to North Carolina before heading home to Alabama.  We went to Utah for a wedding, and then did all the other traveling because we needed something to do while my husband was away at some Army training.  For five weeks I traveled the country with my four kids who are all under the age of five.  We had help from some of my sisters and other family members or else it really wouldn't have been possible to do all the things we did.

And it was great!  Check out the route.  I drove all of those 5,892 miles - actually the distance was probably closer to 7000 with all the little side trips and visits we did while we were in Utah.

I would be a little sad that we had to come home to reality - except for the fact that something big has changed in my reality.  Two (and hopefully three) of my kids are going to Pre-K this year!  For the first time ever I'm only going to have one child at home.  And she's a really easy kid.

I'm planning on using my new found free time to work on this blog, because let's face it, I'm hopelessly behind on it. I'm still chugging through writing about our Southern Utah Roadtrip that my husband and I went on in May of 2010.  And I'm also writing about our Texas Coastline Roadtrip.  Not to mention all the little day trips we take to explore things around our new home here in Alabama.  Plus I have at least five new locations from this latest cross country trip that I want to write about.

So hopefully you'll see a lot of new content appear here on a fairly consistent basis.

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